About Us

About Us

The GEMH Lab is a collective of researchers and designers working together to create games and tech for human flourishing.

Who Are We?

We are a research and development lab that aims to establish the scientific foundations for effective mental health games.

Our international partners include developmental psychologists, neuroscientists, veteran game developers, and artists whose objective is to harness the power of play to transform children’s emotional lives.

In addition to creating games-for-wellbeing, we strive to promote awareness about the bright side of games. That is why we set up the GEMH Game Gallery!

GEMH Game Gallery Organisers

Dr. Joanneke Weerdmeester

Joanneke always strives to merge art and science in wondrous games-for-wellbeing projects and collaborations.


Nastasia is passionate about the possibilities of human-centred tech, enjoys reading and drawing, and is an MCU fangirl.